Patek Philippe - Pocket watch 76.759

Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759Pocket watch 76.759
reference number
Patek Philippe
Pocket watch 76.759 
clock type
manual winding 
glass type
band type band
diameter / height
47 mm / 14 mm
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This 18 carat rose gold pocket watch is sold on 24 May 1888 to Jeweler c. Van Arcken * Amsterdam (Kalverstraat). It is a watch with movement and cabinet number 76.759. This is unique, as it later different reference numbers indicates movement and Cabinet. The caliber is an 18 ' '' (linge) with lever ecscapement. the dial is made of enamel. Style is Open-face, LouisVXI, 18K Rose gold. Special about this movement is that the time conversion ratio via a separate button next to the historical Crown also had a patent on the current Crown/Patek Philipe tirette system!The clock is 100% sure in the Netherlands sold there is equipped with original gold marks from the time 1888. The clock is serviced and equipped with a new spring recently the original spring is still available.In addition to a "Extract from the Archives" of Patek Phillipe is still the original box with this clock, the clock has always been within a family from 1888 to the present day!!!!* the family of Arcken is a famous Jewelers family in Netherlands in the late 19th century, they had a prominent shopping street in Amsterdam and they were next to the lot to Patek Philippe dealer also representative of some other Swiss brands # zenith # etc. King Willem III belonged to the clientele of this company had in addition to the beautiful brands Arcken van also had a gorgeous wife, King William III at any given time more are interested in this young woman than in Patek Philippe timepieces. This was a huge problem that resulted in the selling of his jeweler in Amsterdam and a flight to India where the family built a huge jewellery Empire (until 1957 ) *


not waterproof 
index numbers
Roman numerals




Small seconds


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